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it's 3 am and i wanna go to bed

so i practiced my marching band music... ONCE! and it was today. we are so going to rock clarinet 2, bitches!

i am not excited to go back to school, but i am not dreading it either.
i will really miss,
falling asleep at 3 am listening to QVC in my basment
my parents going to bed early
sleeping till 11 and watching the price is right
IC mocahs with the conleys
speical K with red berries at midnight
katy cooking food at 11 at night
reading harry potter on my deck
this has gone on too long
it is way too late
this has nothig to do with like anything

apparently, i have concert band AND wind ensemble, no U.S history, and my davis is my geomerty teacher... so i don't think my schedual is quite right...

pre-camp is like, what? a week and a half away? goodness sakes!
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